Watching eyes- Report in Figyelő, an economic weekly newspaper
January 2011.

Tibor Németh -already during the years stayed at university – spent a lot of time studying the GPS technology. The first orders came from Canada and United States. Thanks to these early development works he became acquainted with his future joint owners , with Tibor Lakner, Béla Polyák and Zoltán Magyar. They established a joint venture, namely the Lambda Com Limited Company in order to facilitate the conditions of the cooperation.Tibor Németh was appointed as general manager.

In the first years – concentrating on the hungarian market – they had developed primarily systems based on wireless data transfer. They were among the first companies to recognize the capacity of GPS system for tracking and protecting moving vehicles.The logistic companies, primarily the FMCG companies created the first business opportunities , where the unique service provided by Lambda Com. guaranteed the quick return of the invested money.

Cash shortage in the beginning

Notwithstanding the international business successes and the increased acceptance and demand for this kind of service, the credit banks and venture capital investors refused to finance the business conceptions of Lambda-Com. They saw themselves forced to create their first product, called WebEye, a GPS-based fleet management and logistics service and to put it on the market. Although the numbers of the incoming orders exceeded their production capacity, the owners insisted on the conservative business philosophy The critical approach to every projects, the determination of risks related to the business in question helped the Lambda-Com to reach the fantastic result: the turnover has been increased a hundredfold.

Due to the joining the European Union numerous new regulations came into force regarding the transportation. As a result, the importance of services based on real-time data has been considerably increased. The end of the so-called quota-system enabled the hungarian forwarders possessing the eurolicence to work in any member-state of the European Union. Its effect on the Webeye market results became visible soon.

The own unique software and hardware platform meets up to 70-80 procent every demands. The fact that the 90% of the profit has always been reinvested in the company contributed significantly to the successes. WebEye measures and records – among others- the following data: covered distance, fuel consumption, working hours of the working machines,cargo bay temperature, cargo-door opening, vehicle usage by the single drivers etc. thus enabling the leaders of Webeye clients to make well-founded decisions concerning their track reports,wage-accounting etc. Webeye devices can be installed in almost every moving and movable instruments:in lawn movers, ower-cranes , rally cars, yachts, trams, buses, steamrollers, combine, tractors etc. The future of GPS-based services seems to be thriving, the number of clients and the company revenues are continuously growing.

From vision to reality

GPS-based services and the information technology has revolutionized the logistics solutions and Lambda-Com has an indisputable role in it.Services of Webeye are available through subsidiaries or dealers. Webeye has subsidiaries in 10 countries in Europe.

As a result of the period passed since the entry on the international market, one-third of the sales revenue of 2010 came already from international sellings. This ratio is expected to grow this year. In contradiction to the concurrents from Western Europe, a special advantage is that WebEye has greatly expanded its network primarily in Eastern Middle Europe.

Lambda-Com has been developed into a group with more members.WebEye International Ltd, responsible for international sales activity, won in 2010 in the middle Hungarian region, in the „rising company” category the bronze medal of Pegazus Price, awarded by Enterprise Investors, az Ernst&Young, a White&Case és a Dun&Bradstreet. Among the criteria for this award was the following point: the candidates must be small and medium –sized enterprises under Hungarian majority ownership whose revenues had been growing continuously between 2007 and 2009 and had exceeded 500 million forints.

Best Way Traffic Ltd. deals mainly with real-time traffic monitoring. Although this service is in Hungary at an early stage, the system of Best Way is already capable of displaying the actual traffic situation on nation wide level. One of our important customer is the company Google. According to Tibor Németh, there will be probably more traffic in the first half year during the Hungarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, so the data provided by Best Way could be of high importance.

One article of Figyelő aroused the owners’ interest for the problems of Hódy Sport Ltd.The company HódySport has been dealing with production of racing kayaks since 1986. The owners of Lambda-Com Ltd have decided not to leave the company to its fate. Due to the corporate social responsibility and the respect for traditional values they see potential in the small enterprise „ Value creation through generations, Hungarian know-how and the support of the domestic successful sport: these are all arguments that speak for our decision. The professional decisions shall remain to be made by Hódy family, but the experts of the company group consider the management support as an exciting challenge and they can use the international experiences of WebEye.


Personal profile

Tibor Németh is 42 years old, he pursued his civil engineering studies in Leningrad, then at the Budapest University of Technology. He speaks English, German, Russian. General manager and part-owner of Lambda-Com Ltd.

Married, his wife is a part-owner and at the same time the financial manager of Lambda-Com. In his leisure time he enjoys playing football, during weekends he keeps his fingers crossed for his footballer sons.