Secrets behind the scenes of EU presidency A succesful Hungarian company with Europe-wide reputation took care of security of several thousand diplomats

This task that is of crucial importance regarding the outside judgement of the country has been succesfully completed owing to Best Way Traffic company, member of a traffic informatics company group that has representatives in 14 European countries. The company with its traffic jam monitoring system as well as with its innovative technological solutions supported the work of the Hungary's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As a result, thousands of EU diplomats could reach safely and quickly the various events.

The tracking of the fleet of 148 vehicles belonging to the Porsche AG and operated by the Custodian Regiment - 48 pieces Audi A8 3.0 TDI Quattro, 50 pieces Audi A7 3.0 TDI Quattro and 50 pieces Volkswagen Multivan – required serious technical preparedness. The traffic informatics company group, Lambda-Com Ltd.with the help of a technology that meets the strictest rules has made possible for members of the Guardian Regiment to see on the minute the starting and arriving of single vehicles, the covered route etc. Consequently, the Guardian Regiment could track the route of delegations and of the single vehicles online in real time. Besides, by means of the so-called tempo-map the vehicles could avoid the busy routes thus guarantying that the diplomats arrive in time at the various events of the EU-presidency.

„Due to our self-developed, dinamic traffic jam monitoring system, the latest real time information regarding traffic situations, traffic jams, blocked roads were available for the vehicles. Thanks to the system, the delegations could replan the routes without delay if required” – emphasised Ferenc Szvétek, general manager of Best Way Traffic Ltd. concerning the successful completion of the project.

„There were real technical challenges during the Hungarian EU presidency and our system has successfully passed the exam, therefore we are optimistic that the advantages of our self-developed technological solutions will be realised and applied by other countries taking over the serial presidency responbilities, since the up-to-date traffic information is indespensable for being able to move the fleets quickly and safely when organising similar events of great significance – added Ferenc Szvétek

Best Way Traffic Ltd. is a member of Lambda-Com traffic informatics company group.The company group has interest in 14 countries of Europe. Traffic data resulting from Webeye system that offers telematics services for about 21.000 vehicles has provided the basis for the dynamic route planning.