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GPS-based freight exchange: another successful Hungarian development was launched
November 12, 2012.

Lambda-Com Group developed SpedMart, a system based on telematics system can be optimized for individual demand, where the principal can meet the partner, who accepts the freights, in an individually optimized way. The development of the Hungarian-owned multinational company means a great leap forward in quality compared with freight exchanges existing at the market. The Group has gotten 47 million HUF EU support under the New Széchenyi Plan to achieve that.
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Lambda-Com supports Hungarian para-canoeist champion by donating a canoe
October 3, 2012.

Lambda-Com Ltd. donated a racing canoe constructed by individual demand to Sándor Szabó para-canoeist world champion. On 11 October the sportsman who has been active and successful for years, ceremoniously received his new boat whit which he hopes to participate successfully on domestic and international races for the next years.
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Young kayakers and canoeists paddled for WebEye Challange Boats
August 10, 2012.

Young competitors of the new kayak-canoe generation, the 4. Kids age group took part two times at 3 events of contest organised by the Hungarian Kayak-Canoe Federation in Sukoró.Fans visiting Lake Velence could keep their fingers for competitors in 2000 metres single of the National Student Olympics as well as in 1000 and 4000 metres single events on the occasion of the Kids, Children and Teen Hungarian Championship. It was a curiosity that - thanks to Lambda-Com and Hódy Sport Ltd. - the single event winners could win „WebEye Challange Boats” thus reviving the tradition of red boats.The best 14-years-old girl kayaker, boy kayaker and canoeist can use these boats for a period of one year.
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Magyar Közlekedés Online: Lambda-Com develops GPS-based freight exchange system with EU funding
June 19, 2012.

The development of intelligent transport systems is a priority area in the European Union. Within the framework of the project, the Hungarian-owned multinational company establishes a tailor-made system based on telematic data, which is in line with the EU efforts, and is promising to be yet another successful Hungarian development.
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Navigátor: "It is not the device but its use that really matters today."
June 5, 2012.

Lambda-Com Technical Development Ltd. is a leading expert on the industrial remote data acquisition market that is capable of real-time collection of data and information, their organization, archiving, presentation according to customer needs, and integration into customers’ existing IT systems.
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Watching eyes- Report in Figyelő, an economic weekly newspaper
January 2011.

Tibor Németh -already during the years stayed at university – spent a lot of time studying the GPS technology. The first orders came from Canada and United States. Thanks to these early development works he became acquainted with his future joint owners , with Tibor Lakner, Béla Polyák and Zoltán Magyar. They established a joint venture, namely the Lambda Com Limited Company in order to facilitate the conditions of the cooperation.Tibor Németh was appointed as general manager.
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On the right track- Interview with Tibor Németh in Heti Válasz

How did you shift from civil engineering to GPS technology?

Civil engineers- as their title ‘civil’ suggests in several languages- have a working knowledge of everything, and are therefore open to anything. When I became acquainted with GPS, it was expensive and slow, but its working mechanism got me interested, especially the possibility of vehicle tracking.
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Secrets behind the scenes of EU presidency A succesful Hungarian company with Europe-wide reputation took care of security of several thousand diplomats

This task that is of crucial importance regarding the outside judgement of the country has been succesfully completed owing to Best Way Traffic company, member of a traffic informatics company group that has representatives in 14 European countries. The company with its traffic jam monitoring system as well as with its innovative technological solutions supported the work of the Hungary's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As a result, thousands of EU diplomats could reach safely and quickly the various events.
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A Hungarian multinational company monitors the stocks of Nigeria’s largest oil company

A common pilot project has been launched by Lambda-Com and NIVELCO company groups.The 2 Hungarian-owned companies are testing their jointly developed complex service on the territory of the largest Nigerian oil company. According to the plans the service will be extended for the whole network of OANDO/ 400 patrol stations /.
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A Hungarian multinational is born- Article in Manager Magazin

Whether we are already a multinational corporation? –Németh Tibor, Lambda-Com Group’s founder managing director pondered on our question. ‘The answer is not simple. Given our presence in 14 countries, the label could be valid, but according to the revenue range, it might be a bit too early to say so. However, only a few Hungarian-owned companies can claim similar international presence on the service market, and it is also an undeniable fact that a revenue of almost 3 thousand million HUF (ca. 10 million EUR) is considered quite substantial in this segment, in Hungary and internationally as well’ – he added.
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Drivers’ hours infringement causes one in 10 accidents

There can be several reasons for exceeding the allowed driving time. Drivers may be too tired to notice their service hours are about to end or have already ended. Also, when they have to stop, they could be passing a road section where they cannot, like those carrying valuable goods and are only allowed to stop in guarded parking lots. Dispatchers often miss to notify the driver or simply miscalculate the time needed to complete a given transport job, or unforeseeable events may occur on the way. The fierce competition on the forwarding market sometimes pushes hauliers to accept transport orders under terms that predestine the possibility of violations.
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E-toll: gate or GPS?

‘Our experiences show that kilometre-based tolling has been successfully applied in Europe for several years. One question regarding the Hungarian introduction of e-toll is the technology to be used. What is for sure is that the existing infrastructure must be completely restructured to make it suitable for the accurate electronic monitoring of motorway use. There are two ways to do this: installing gates with signal transmitters* or satellite systems that communicate with GPS signals.’ – said Bagossy Tamás, managing director of WebEye Hungary.
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