Magyar Közlekedés Online: Lambda-Com develops GPS-based freight exchange system with EU funding

Lambda-Com Ltd. was granted 47 million HUF EU funding for the development of a GPS-based freight exchange system (G-FBR) within the New Széchenyi Plan.

The development of intelligent transport systems is a priority area in the European Union. Within the framework of the project, the Hungarian-owned multinational company establishes a tailor-made system based on telematic data, which is in line with the EU efforts, and is promising to be yet another successful Hungarian development.

Lambda-Com Ltd., founded in 2001, is market leader in Hungary in M2M vehicle tracking services. The fully Hungarian owned multinational company provides complex transportation informatics services in 14 European countries. The WebEye solution is the Group’s own developed, telematic service enhancing transportation security, which enables real-time, 24/7 analysis of vehicle movement and routes with the application of GPS/GPRS technology. Today, over 40,000 vehicles are equipped with WebEye in Europe.

The next step in the development of WebEye, the Group’s leading service, was the establishment of an exclusive freight exchange, for which Lambda-Com Ltd. applied for EU funding. Within the frames of the successful tender, it was granted 47,717,128 HUF funding. The essence of GPS –based freight exchange is that only reliable, solvent partners are allowed to join. The exchange platform allows for the tailor-made selection of consigners and carriers. The freight exchange lets business partners select each other from a qualified system based on real data. As the complete fulfilment is monitored, a safer, more transparent and premium quality freight exchange is resulted.