GPS-based freight exchange: another successful Hungarian development was launched

Lambda-Com Group developed SpedMart, a system based on telematics system can be optimized for individual demand, where the principal can meet the partner, who accepts the freights, in an individually optimized way. The development of the Hungarian-owned multinational company means a great leap forward in quality compared with freight exchanges existing at the market. The Group has gotten 47 million HUF EU support under the New Széchenyi Plan to achieve that.

In European Union developing intelligent transporting systems is a priority that enable faster, more flexible and modernized, but above all, more safe systems can be launched. As a result the number of ITS systems is increasing such as SpedMart, the service of Lambda-Com Group, the fully Hungarian-owned multinational company.

Emese Kardos, the Branch Manager of SpedMart said: ‘SpedMart is an exclusive freight exchange that contains additional information and possibilities which can enable internet-based organization of freights more safe and effective. Partners can choose each other regarding to real data-based qualified system according to their expectations. Only reliable, solvent partners can join to the GPS-based freight exchange. The whole performance is under control that makes the freight exchange safer, more transparent with premium quality.’

The online exchange is based on an own-developed telematics service, the WebEye that supports transportation security by enabling analysis of real data for 24 hours thanks for applying GPS/GPRS technology.

Forwarders by using SpedMart can give access to their requests for a wide range of freighters, however only those enterprises are allowed to register to the system which meet the pre-conditions. During registration company information, freighter licences and CRM insurance certification must be uploaded which are reviewed individually. In addition they must have GPS-based WebEye vehicle tracking that helps the control of the freight requests on the whole transportation route.

Freighter can access individual freight of Forwarder, thus how the utilization of their vehicles increases only depends on their business effectiveness. Moreover they can receive a notification if an adequate request had been uploaded, therefore it is not needed to wait in front of the computer. In addition it is possible to negotiating and bargaining through the system. Partners can evaluate each other on an internal surface. It also can be used as an advertising space having good rates.