We have been in a contractual relationship with Lambda-Com Ltd. since February 1, 2005. Since then, the range of services used has expanded and is still expanding. At first, the cooperation was limited to the conventional elements of satellite vehicle monitoring and fleet tracking, whereas today it concerns a widening range of SPAR’s route planning, - starting, - monitoring and - controlling processes. Lambda Com Ltd. can for sure tell how many new ideas and requests we come up with.


The system was first installed in 3 own vehicles, which has by now reached 110. It is also important to note that all our domestic haulier partners outside our own fleet joined the WebEye system, so we can see all distribution vehicles on a single platform.


The used services go beyond real-time online information on vehicle position. Today we receive information through the WebEye service concerning fuel level, loading area opening, loading area temperature, lift tailgate battery charge level, battery life, and we gain clear, reliable data on ongoing and performed transports. Administrative tasks are also performed through the Webeye system, including issuing and administering transport documents and waybills. Our primary aim with introducing the WebEye system was to obtain proper, reliable information on vehicle positions and used routes, which was beneficial for planning and service quality. Moreover, other elements of the system greatly enhanced goods and property security. Of course, the reduction of administrative burdens should not be forgotten either.


Spar Hungary has always had a stake in constantly developing existing services and implementing new ideas, and Lambda Com Ltd. is a right partner in this respect. I think that SPAR is a key market player for Lambda Com, cooperating in testing these new developments before their market introduction. Short-term challenges ahead of us are the introduction of electronic waybill, integration of the tachograph and the GPS vehicle monitoring system, or even the customizable route planning and its automatic monitoring.

Miklós Springer
Head of Forwarding
SPAR Hungary Retailing Ltd.

Telenor has worked in close cooperation with Lamda-Com since 2003. The company operating in the field of computer automation used to have only 30 special M2M subscriptions with Telenor back then, today over 30,000, making Lambda-Com a key business partner and the biggest industrial (M2M) customer of Telenor Hungary. Telenor provides special SIM technology for M2M applications such as fleet management, security technology or the automotive industry. The mobile service provider meets the requirements of this sector by offering mobile technology services tailored to individual needs, along with very high availability. With our solutions, company IT systems like Lambda-Com’s complex satellite vehicle tracking systems or property security services can be operated far more efficiently and smoothly. This solution results lower costs and greener operation, which means that for example a 5-15 per cent fuel saving can be achieved.

For the stabile, reliable and cost-efficient provision of the increasingly indispensable M2M solutions, since 2004 Telenor constantly develops the specialized domestic GSM network suitable for providing non-voice services, and through its parent company it is in contact with 160 operators worldwide to provide special M2M roaming services to its customers for example in international freight forwarding.

Through the development of its infrastructure, Telenor aims to enable its largest users, its ASP (Application Service Provider) partners to create values for their customers in the M2M industry with their value added services. Telenor strives to be an excellent supplier and serve customer needs so that everyone can focus on their core competencies.

Judit Sipos
Corporate Sales and Marketing