A Hungarian multinational company monitors the stocks of Nigeria’s largest oil company

A common pilot project has been launched by Lambda-Com and NIVELCO company groups.The 2 Hungarian-owned companies are testing their jointly developed complex service on the territory of the largest Nigerian oil company. According to the plans the service will be extended for the whole network of OANDO/ 400 patrol stations /.

The main point of the service is that the data of the fuel level sensors, produced by Nivelco and placed in the single fuel tanks, can be continuously controlled and stored in the customer’s centre, thanks to the object-remote monitoring system developed by Lambda-Com.Consequently,comparing to the earlier status, the oil company gets much more precise information about the fuel decrease, the time when the filling up becomes due and how to solve it at the smallest possible costs and loss of time.

„The data coming from the tanks are being forwarded to the central server by using a software connected to the NivoTRACK level measuring devices/to the so-called Magnetostrictive level sensors / The advantage of the system is that the steal attempts that are still frequent in Nigeria and the leaking fuel tanks causing serious losses can be filtered out– Gabor Horváth, project manager of Nivelco company group says.

Pál Németh, project leader ofa Lambda-Com Ltd says:By analyzing the data coming from the petrol stations some trends may be set which can be of great importance concerning business and planning efficiency.There have been informatics challenges in data storing,in their continuous availability and evaluating, but as a result of the innovative technological solutions the system is able to manage the data of even more hundreds filling stations and fuel depots at the same time. The greater the number of filling station networks being connected to the online system,the greater the cost reduction through rationalized operating”.