Technological novelties

Thanks to the developments of the past years, we have introduced complex solutions for the logistics industry, covering the whole activity of companies with a vehicle fleet and supporting all professional processes. The development activity that breeds technological novelties is a constant creative work; its products make activities in a growing number of industries visible and better coordinated, thus more efficient, economical and environmentally friendly.

The logistics industry has gained several service elements which support strategic planning, enterprise resource planning, handling transport jobs and orders, fulfilment control, operation, or even business administration.

However, industrial remote data collection covers more than data gathering and transmission from moving vehicles; it includes the remote monitoring of objects and of their related operational activities. Taking the opportunities provided by technological development, we created the real-time transmission of major operational parameters in fixed objects. Numerous benefits became available through the service; activities that are based on the provided data can be planned and remotely controlled, the operation safety can be guaranteed and the efficiency of stockpile management improved.

As one result of our decade-long activity, a reliable and forceful infrastructure has been established, which -along with the extensive sampling- enables the system to indicate phenomena made up of pointwise data, relevant in terms of transport informatics.

The infrastructure elements of various technical solutions have by now constituted a network of considerable size, which is not only vertically permeable within the supply processes. Thanks to the transparency of the system, data may be shared easily to allocate free resources, plan resources, operate efficiently and control operational circumstances.

We definitely aim to ensure that through our company’s developments, the novelties that make our customers’ world more up-to-date and simple are created with the same intensity in the future.