Innovation is of strategic importance to our company; we shape our present and plan our future with the help of innovative technical thinking. Thanks to the creative idea born at the right time and the consequent fertile productive process, Lambda-Com has by now developed into a Group operating four divisions.

Our company has always focused its developments on providing the highest possible levels of service to its customers. Beyond maintaining the achieved quality, we consider value creation our primary mission, which constantly requires good ideas.

The IT applications market is a very fast-changing environment, requiring us to provide up-to-date reactions to its ever-mounting challenges. In order to make all our divisions successful and reach continuous improvement beyond our accomplishments so far, we base our developments on consumer requirements, and define our research and development strategy accordingly.

Our aim is to make people’s life easier, better and more comfortable with our products and technology. By harmonizing the company’s services and the local work processes, everyday work becomes easier, the professional activities more transparent, the processes more efficient, more easily planned and optimized. The intelligent solutions offered by Lambda-Com Group create a relaxed and state-of-the-art work environment, while the company’s consulting activity contributes to attaining a professional operation. The private sector does not remain unaffected either – the advantages that come along with the improvement of workplace ergonomics affect private life as well. The values and knowledge created through product development help get to know the present reality of professional fields.

Innovation for us is more than a goal: it is the key to future.

"As an innovative company, we are fully aware that our employees’ knowledge, ideas and dedication constitute our most valuable asset. We are striving to create a compelling work environment for them, since we know that employees’ well-being is key to outstanding performance. Our activity itself promotes environmental protection, as our system helps customers eliminate unnecessary vehicle use, thus reducing the environmental burden. We have of course integrated this approach into our organizational operations, and have accordingly introduced numerous measures within the Group to reduce our environmental footprint."