Solutions in Transportation Informatics

The service of BestWay contributes to the efficient and smooth operation of online intelligent transportation systems (ITS) to a great extent in Hungary and in many other European countries. The main business profile of the branch of BestWay is focused on the provision of transportation informatics related data which make traffic data easily available to clients interested in road transport and freight forwarding. These data play a fundamentally important role in the realization of transportation processes and the planning of routes all over Europe.

Processing floating car data (FCD) transmitted by on-board WebEye units lays the foundations of the service of BestWay. Our data processing system is being developed and operated by innovative mathematic, informatics and geographical information system techniques. Due to this technology we are able to integrate large amounts of processed data into informatics systems.

The business branch of BestWay is strongly committed to fulfilling a defining role in the development of global transport safety systems and intelligent transport systems.