CSR activity

Lambda-Com Group for youth and health

We believe that true teams are formed through play and sport. Throughout the entire year we offer our partners and colleagues the opportunity to take part in community sports events. In this way we feel that we not only offer the chance to live a healthier life-style, but, through sport, create stronger relationships. In this way, we would also like to contribute to the future health of the next generation. We make an effort to design programs whereby young people are motivated by achievement and success as well as by a love for taking part in sport for its own sake.

Within the sport of Kayak-Canoe, in 2012 Lambda-Com Group chose to breath new life into the legend of the “Red Boats”. Every year the free use of 3 red “WebEye Roaming Boats” for a whole year can be won by the most deserving 14-year old competitor. We would like to involve those young people, who do not choose sport as a career path, into the type of program where we can help them keep practising and enjoying their hobby into their adulthood. We also support the Haladás FC U17 and U19 teams so that they can take part in the International Football Mini-Championships.


WebEye technology for green transportation

Our products and services bear testimony to our commitment to sustainable development. Besides contributing to the increase of efficiency of our partners' business, we are aiming to prevent wastefulness and pointless environmental pollution. WebEye Technology provides several facilities to our Partners to use their vehicles in an environmentally conscious way. Based on our experiences we can claim with certainty that precise planning of routes and choosing appropriate driving style can reduce air pollution resulting from transportation by 15 percent. By reducing the emission of greenhouse gases the ecological footprint of vehicles consequently gets smaller.