Company history


Company history and milestones


  • We successfully complete telematics and remote management services for the whole fleet of the Hungarian EU Presidency.
  • We launch our DataFlow service, focussing on data acquisition in industrial areas. The service development is centred on an interface platform through which measurement data can be collected. This is how, for example, fuel level is measured in oil wells of the largest Nigerian oil company. It has also successfully been tested in weight measurement of remote objects, which can only be accessed via mobile remote data collection.
  • We complete significant development on WebEye product following the changes in the automotive industry. We install new MDT (Mobile Data Terminal) modules which enable the efficient management of semi-trailers and containers, the electronic processing of refuelling and cost data based on the data entered by drivers. We integrate the special navigation software for trucks with the Mobil Data Terminal.
  • We upgrade the online vehicle monitoring client software with new customer-centric applications.
  • Russia and Slovenia join the WebEye service.
  • WebEye Romania-EDY Spedition (Romania) closes a service contract for ca. 1,200 vehicles, making us market leaders here too.
  • Foreign markets generate 30 per cent of the Group’s revenues.
  • International expansion continues; WebEye subsidiaries are founded one after the other, in Germany, Slovakia, Poland, Croatia, Czech Republic, Portugal and Bulgaria.
  • We found BestWay, being the first in the region to sell technology that processes traffic information enabling the compilation of a functioning traffic congestion map.
  • International expansion starts; our first subsidiary is founded in Romania.
  • WebEye International Ltd. is founded to enhance international expansion.
  • We reach 10,000 WebEye subscriptions.
  • Based on the WebEye service, we develop an integrated solution and set up a single platform for a forwarding company and its subcontractors, supporting their logistics activities.
  • We complete WebEye’s real-time vehicle tracking device that works with GPRS data connection.
  • The Hungarian WebEye reseller network is set up (Lochner, SCANIA).
  • The first mobile phone containing IP stack appears and we develop the online device within 30 days.
  • We launch our own-developed service, WebEye.
  • We receive the first large orders.
  • We start developing the web-based service and the offline (subsequently downloadable) vehicle tracking WebEye unit.
  • 5 owners found Lambda-Com Ltd., at first for fulfilling external development orders mainly.